October 18, 2018     


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Article 1

Career Resume: Professor Mervyn Charles Goronszy (Inventor of C-Tech)

Article 2

Cyclic Activate Sludge Technology: C-Tech State Of The Art SBR

Article 3

Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology- Recent Operating Experience with a 90.000 pe Plant in Germany

Article 4

Three Years Operation of A 270mld C-Tech Configured SBR In an Equatorial Tropical

Article 5

Activated Sludge Process Control Using in Basin Oxygen Related Parameters

Article 6

Controlling Wastewater Treatment by Monitoring Oxygen Utilization Rate

Article 7

Integrated UASB And Batch Sequencing Reactor System for Domestic Sewage Treatment

Article 8

Characterization and Biological Treatability Of A Textile Dye house Wastewater

Article 9

India's first double storeyed 20-MLD C-TEch based STP commissioned at Pune Cantonment Board on 26th May 2018

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