C-Tech Advantage

Advantages of C-Tech over Other Technologies

C-Tech offers a simple and most reliable method of activated sludge wastewater treatment that produces a tertiary quality effluent at the price of secondary treatment including nutrient removal. Simplifying factors which select C-Tech against other and conventional sequencing batch reactors are:

1.1 Excellent Performance:

C-Tech produces treated effluent of recyclable quality with average values of BOD < 10 mg/l, COD < 100 mg/l, TSS < 10 mg/l. Along with main pollutants, it also removes nutrients to such a low level which makes the treated sewage suitable for direct use in industries and other non-potable applications.

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1.2 Ability to Handle Load Variations:

C-Tech can effectively handle the flow and characteristic variations compared to conventional technologies. Water levels and air supplies are adjusted automatically based on the actual flow and organic load conditions, saving operating costs. C-Tech basins act like an equalisation tank and discharge wastewater at a uniform rate even though the feed is at varying flow rate.

1.3 Savings in Power Consumption:

Due to various features of the C-Tech process and its OUR based oxygen control system helps in saving 50% power cost compared to conventional treatment technologies.

1.4 Savings in Area Requirement:

C-Tech’s compact process design requires 50% lower area compared to conventional treatment technologies.

1.5 Modular Design:

Due to the modular design of C-Tech, it is very easy to expand the capacity of C-Tech.

1.6 Full Automation:

The complete operation of C-Tech Plant is controlled automatically through a PLC System, which is a major factor in reducing Operating Cost. This also prevents mal operation of various set process parameters within the Plant. All key functions like Sludge Recirculation, Sludge Wasting, Aeration Intensity, Cycle Time Control, Decanting Rate etc. are automatically controlled as well as data is logged. Complete historical records ofoperation of Plant are available on touch of a Button. Using suitable Modem, the Plant can be monitored and controlled through Internet from anywhere in the World.

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1.7 Durable Components::

C-Tech uses non corrosive materials like stainless steel/ uPVC for various componets located underwater for increasing the life of the plant and also to reduce the maintenance cost.

1.8 Proven Worldwide:

C-Tech has installations in almost all countries in the world, Including UK, Germany, Poland, Austria, China, Irland, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Slovania, Mexico, Croatia, Scotland, Bosnia and most importantly India.

1.9 Capital & Operating Cost:

C-Tech requires the lowest investment and operating costs as compared to any other technology, when compared on a like to like basis, with respect to outlet parameters, MOC, Land required and Power consumed.

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