OREX Advantage

Advantage of the OREX Process(ORganic EXtrusion)


1. Garbage is segregated automatically using the OREX, which is not possible manually.

2. Single Step automatic segregation of mixed waste into wet and dry fraction.

3. Immediate volume reduction of the input waste, downstream units compact and efficient.

4. Waste is processed as soon as it comes, this eliminates odor, leachate and nuisance.

5. OREX eliminates the need of any other segregating unit.

6. As OREX breaks the organic cell matrix, 100% mass is available for Bio-digestion. The methanation process is accelerated and biogas/ electricity production enhanced by 50%.

7. Gets a superior quality of compost – improving sell ability and price realization.

8. Excellent high Calorific value RDF to up to 4000 -5500 Kcal/Kg is generated.


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