OREX automatically segregates mixed municipal waste into organic/ wet and the inorganic/dry waste fractions in a single step automatic process.

The organic fraction is also termed as “wet” fraction, and is very high in organic or biodegradable matter and moisture content. It is extracted in a pulp form which enhances the bio-methanation fermentation process.

The in-organic fraction is also termed as “dry” fraction, contains inorganic material like plastics, paper, cellulosic fiber, inert, grit etc. This fraction is also termed as refused derived fuel (RDF) and after simple removal of metals, inert and heavy fractions like sand, silt, stones can be refined into very high quality of RDF having calorific value in the range of 4000 to 5500 Kcal/kg.

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Step 1 : Feed Phase

The main piston loads the incoming mixed waste from the feeding hopper into the extrusion chamber with 8-16 mm aperture. The output gate is kept closed at this stage.

Step 2 : Compression Phase

The piston presses the waste at very high pressure against the closed gate. Due to the high pressure inside the extrusion chamber, the organic fraction is pulped and pushed out of the extrusion apertures along with the moisture contained within the cell mass. This wet pulped fraction is collected and conveyed out using a screw conveyor.

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1. Garbage is segregated automatically using the OREX, which is not possible manually.

2. Single Step automatic segregation of mixed waste into wet and dry fraction.

3. Immediate volume reduction of the input waste, downstream units compact and efficient.

4. Waste is processed as soon as it comes, this eliminates odor, leachate and nuisance.

5. OREX eliminates the need of any other segregating unit.

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OREX Images

Goa MSW Treatment Plant at Calungute Saligoan North Goa

Output products from Treatment of Garbage


Electricity from BioGas




Refuse Derived Fuel


Sand, Grit and Inert

Northern Lights

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