Vasudha Waste Treatment

Vasudha Waste Treatment Pvt Ltd (VWT) is a joint venture, with 74% ownership by SFC Environmental Technologies Pvt Ltd and 26% by SMC Infra Pvt Ltd. Tasked with the Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Transfer (DBFOT) contract, VWT manages an advanced waste management facility in Curchorem, South Goa. Commissioned by GWMC on May 4th, 2023, VWT will operate and maintain the plant for a decade, as stipulated in the concession agreement, until 2033. The state-of-the-art facility signifies a commitment to sustainable waste management practices, aligning with environmental goals and addressing waste challenges in the region.

Vasudha Waste Treatment Pvt Ltd (VWT) employs the innovative OREX (Organic Extraction Technology) to efficiently separate biodegradables from inorganic materials, enhancing biogas production in their South Goa facility. Developed by SFC and endorsed by experts like Padma Shri Dr. Sharad Kale, the technology yields the nation’s highest biogas productivity per ton of organic waste. With over 20 fractions, the plant achieves a 25% recovery rate for inorganic waste, maintaining an exceptional inert landfill disposal rate below 3%. VWT’s effluent treatment plant, handling 200 cubic meters per day, ensures high-quality outputs and complies with CPCB norms for responsible effluent treatment and disposal.