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Founded in 2005, SFC Environmental Technologies Private Limited (“SFC”) is a leading global Environmental Technology Company specializing in advanced solutions, engineering services, operations and maintenance, and technology components and automation services in the sewage treatment and municipal solid waste treatment. SFC has emerged as a pioneer in environmental solutions, particularly in Municipal Sewage and Municipal Solid Waste Treatment.

Empowering a sustainable world through innovative solutions, SFC envisions a future where environmental responsibility and cutting-edge technology harmoniously coexist, creating a cleaner and more prosperous planet for all.

At SFC, our core values are the cornerstone of our company. We are dedicated to integrity, ensuring that every action and decision is based on honesty and transparency. We prioritize innovation, constantly seeking new and efficient ways to improve our services and technologies.

Our leadership is characterized by dedication, innovation, and a passion for environmental stewardship. Each member of our leadership team brings a unique set of skills and experiences that collectively drive SFC’s mission forward.

Chairman’s Message

” Welcome to SFC

As the founder, I envisioned enhancing environmental technologies in India to solve problems at scale. Today, we’re proud to have built an organization that does not conform to conventional standards- with freedom of choice, growth mindset and exceptional intrapreneurs taking this company to new heights.

With dedication and innovation, we’re shaping a sustainable future. As India strides towards a 10 trillion economy this decade, we’re committed to ensuring development doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. Through introduction of compressed biogas from wet waste, and waste-to-energy solutions, we’re clearing our legacy waste and transforming incoming refuse-derived fuel while advancing towards energy self-sufficiency. ”

Sandeep Asolkar, Chairman & Managing Director

Chairman’s Message

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Building Success Through Relationships: The SFC Approach

“At SFC, our ethos is rooted in fostering meaningful relationships with all stakeholders – from vendors and customers to contractors and associate companies. This foundational philosophy underscores our commitment to mutual growth and support within our industry. By prioritizing collaboration and connection, we’ve cultivated an expansive and resilient network that sets us apart and fuels our collective success.”


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Board of Directors

Sandeep Asolkar,

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Sandeep Sudhakar Asolkar is the Founder Promoter and Managing Director of the Company and has over two decades of experience in the field of waste water treatment and waste management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Civil), masters’ degree in Marketing Management, and has also completed a senior management programme from IIM Ahmedabad and advanced course in Environment Engineering from Cranfield University (United Kingdom). Mr Asolkar has also completed the Advanced Management Program at Columbia University, New York. Currently, he is pursuing a global management program (IMPM) expected to be completed in 2024. Under his leadership, the Company has been able to diversify into various technologies such as C-Tech Technology, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, solid waste management and Renewable Energy.

Mr. Asolkar holds directorship in other group companies which include Pentagen Biofuels Private Limited and Navitas Waste Treatment Private Limited.

Sarvesh Garg,

Executive Director

Mr. Sarvesh Garg is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Company. He has over two decades of experience in the field of wastewater treatment. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Environmental Science) from Shivaji University, Kolhapur and Diploma in Industrial Safety from National Council of Labour Management, Chennai. He has also completed course on Sludge Treatment & Membrane Technology from School of Water Sciences, Cranfield University, UK.

He has rich experience in areas of Business Development & Marketing, Tendering, Process Engineering and Project Execution in the field of wastewater treatment.

Other Directorships

  • TurboMax India Private Limite
  • Vasudha Waste Treatment Private Limited

Chandrakant Gogri,


Mr. Chandrakant Gogri, holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), [formerly known as the University Department of Chemical Technology]. His experience in the areas of projects, operations, process development, and local & international marketing in the chemical Industry is remarkable. Further, his business acumen and flair for finance has stood the test of time during the growth of Aarti Group. He is one of the main Promoters of Aarti Group.

He had been awarded the prestigious “Distinguished Alumnus Award” from UDCT (UICT) in the year 1995 for his excellent performance as an Entrepreneur in the Chemical Industry.

Other Directorships

  • Aarti Surfactants Limited.
  • Anushakti Enterprise Private Limited.
  • Anushakti Chemicals And Drugs Limited.
  • Alchemie Financial Services Ltd.
  • Crystal Millennium Realtors Private Limited.
  • Saswat Trusteeship Private Limited.
  • Aarti Nature Care Private Limited.
  • KJF Shelters Foundation.
  • KJF Manavta-Ni-Mahek Foundation
  • Parakh Hospitals Private Limited

Leadership Team

Sandeep Asolkar,

Chairman and Managing Director

Sandeep Asolkar is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience. As the founder of the company in 2004, he envisioned enhancing the quality of treatment of municipal sewage and introducing innovative technologies tailored to Indian conditions (C-Tech Technology).

Under Sandeep’s leadership, SFC has completed over 1000 C-Tech installations, marking significant milestones in the wastewater treatment sector. Currently, Sandeep is spearheading SFC’s foray into the municipal solid waste to biogas market, aiming to revolutionize waste management practices.

With two highly successful reference plants and a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, Sandeep is leading SFC towards a brighter future. His strategic vision and dedication are poised to shape the energy and environmental industry, paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow.

Sarvesh Garg,

Executive Director

Sarvesh Garg is the Executive Director and Head of the Wastewater treatment division of the Company. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment. He has strengthened SFC’s market position with rich experience in areas of Business Development & Marketing, Tendering, Process Engineering and Project Execution.

Saketchandrasingh Dhandoriya,

VP Operations

Saket Dhandoriya is the head of Operations, spearheading strategic direction and day-to-day management of our integrated solid waste management plants. He has a strong leadership record with focus on operational efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance. His key responsibility includes Identifying opportunities for process improvement and innovation within operations, implementing best practices and technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

  • Y V Satyanarayana- Head of SFCU, Austria
  • Sandeep Parab- Head of C-Tech Sales
  • Mandar Desai- CEO (Wastewater division)
  • Rajnesh Trivedi- CEO (MSW)

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